• Enrico Mollica 


    I started drawing when I was a child and lived in Rome (Italy) with my family. I was always very intrigued by colors and their magic effect either on paintings, drawings or textures of any kind (fabrics, carpets and other objects)

    Much later in my life,I started painting using water and acrylic colors. I love representing abstract shapes being strongly inspired by natural elements from the earth and the sea and quite vivid colors which remind of my Mediterranean origins.

    I now live in Brussels where I attend an Art Atelier and I keep enjoying acrylic paintings and pastel drawings 
  • Enrico Mollica
    Quai des Peniches 56
    1000 - Brussels (Belgium)
    +32 471 243746


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    I'm still pretty new at this so any feedback would be highly appreciated. Let me know what you think about my work, Thank you!